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Surprised by Bowenwork!!

As a seasoned hospital RN, I started my journey with Bowenwork as inquisitive and at times with a raised eyebrow, but a sweet high school student changed my ideas in a big way!

The client was a lovely 16 year old girl and friend to my son who had come to me with concerns about her back pain and her inability to be at school. I myself was about midway through Bowenwork training and offered to provide work for her as my case study. When this young lady and her mom came to my door, the first thing I noticed was her left shoulder was grossly elevated and her right hip was extending out to the right, and her torso was slightly pitched forward and she walked guardedly. Due to her pain she was unable to go to school. She was studying at home either lying on her bed or in a recliner. Oxycodone and anti-inflammatories were being used to control an 8/10 pain in the lower back and sciatic pain. The MD said it was an L4 herniated disc causing her pain and wanted to pursue surgery for her. The family was waiting to see if they might find another course of treatment. That first day as she was unable to get on the table, she was treated in a seated position. I must say, this was quite challenging for me and I did wonder if it would be at all effective! After the BRM1 was completed and a bit of a rest she was happily saying that her sciatic pain was gone and demonstrating that she could bend side to side without pain. Being skeptical myself, I thought perhaps it was being seated that was relieving the area but she insisted, “oh no, it’s always worse when I’m sitting”. Upon arising she was much more comfortable.( Procedures: LB, Sacral) By visit 2 she said she was no longer requiring narcotic pain meds and would say that generally her pain of 8/10 was now around 1-2/10! She was also sleeping for “the first time in months”. (Procedures: LB, UB, Respiratory, Neck) By visit 3 her compensatory posture was largely corrected. (Procedures: LB, Pelvic) Over the next few weeks we continued to support these gains.( LB, UB, Respiratory, Neck/ LB, Pelvic, Ankle/LB, UB, Kidney, Hamstring) The light of a healthy teen was in her eyes again, she was going to the movies, out for walks and loving the Pelvic Protocol exercises saying ”they make me feel looser for hours”! Generally the work greatly improved her level of pain, though the simple act of wearing a belt in her pants could cause the pain to return. Ultimately she decided for the surgery, handled it beautifully and said the Bowenwork was so helpful to her during that period of waiting. I can’t help but think that restoring balance to her body contributed to her success in surgery.

This experience really opened my eyes and I found myself thinking much differently about the courses of treatment that were so familiar to me. I was moving away from just wondering about how Bowenwork would effect a particular problem to having confidence that people would likely feel better with Bowenwork. Now having seen plantar fasciitis (where the doctor said surgery would be her last option for treatment) resolve, urinary incontinence in the elderly greatly improved, chronic pain conditions unwinding, menstrual cramps greatly improved, and migraines relieved, I am in! Not to mention that the majority of clients receiving Bowenwork say they “can’t remember when they felt so relaxed”. It’s just plain fun to do Bowenwork! I think I am going to love this next phase of my career! (BTW , I am definitely loving my work and helping people feel better and getting back to life with greater ease!)

Annie Maier RN, LMT

10/11/2013 article first printed

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