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Could your scars being holding you back?

Knee replacement be is reported to be one of the most successful orthopaedic procedures that alleviates pain and restores function in patients with degenerative knee joint diseases. Along with the relief of having mobility back, comes the concerns regarding scar tissue and it's effect on the knee joint after this surgery. An NIH/Pub Med article says "Arthrofibrosis, defined as abnormal scarring of the joint in which the formation of dense fibrous tissue and tissue metaplasia ( abnormal change in the nature of the tissue) prevents normal range of motion, represents a significant clinical challenge and drastically reduces quality of life of those affected individuals." But there is great news! Let me tell you about a recent client. I had the pleasure of working with a 92 year old woman who had just such scars from surgeries 2 years ago. On assessment, I found the scar tethered at the far end. There was also a 1" scar a couple of inches down the leg. I used McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release (MSTR) on these areas. She and I could see and feel the difference in issue straight away. We then addressed the area of greatest tension in her hip flexors. (One area not functioning well will create other abnormal tension patterns in the neighborhood). Next, it was time to get up and walk and assess the outcome. The look of acknowledgement and surprise said it all. She shared that she hadn't felt such ease in walking in a long time. She felt "balanced" and "confident". She noted she could now keep her eyes looking out into the world, not down at her feet. Now that's great news for a lady that still gardens! Perhaps this has you wondering about your own scars. MSTR can create significant changes. Before you accept decreased mobility, pain and change in you quality of life, try MSTR. Gandhi R. et al. Predictive risk factors for stiff knees in total knee arthroplasty. J arthroplasty 21, 46–52 (2006). [PubMed] [Google Scholar] [Ref list]

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