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About Bowenwork Therapy In Stanwood

A demonstration by Kelly Clancy OTR/L, CHT, LMPBowen Academy of Australia

The Bowen Technique (also known as Bowtech) is a dynamic system of muscle and connective tissue therapy that was developed by the late Tom Bowen in Geelong, Australia. Sometimes called the homeopathy of bodywork, it utilizes subtle inputs to the body (known as moves), stimulating the body to heal itself, often profoundly.


The Bowen Technique offers tremendous benefits to clients with very little effort on the part of the practitioner. It can provide relief for many types of injuries and other acute or chronic health problems and it does so holistically, via the body's innate healing mechanisms.


The practitioner's moves deliver signals to the nervous system at specific locations (on muscles, tendons, ligaments, or nerves). The body responds in its own time, within its vital capacity. While there are a few, very specific situations in which a particular 'procedure' is contraindicated, the Bowen Technique is appropriate for people of all ages and in all degrees of health.

When faced with an acute injury, a Bowtech practitioner may effectively apply the work to address only the traumatized areas, since the client has had little time to compensate for and accommodate to the injury.


However, most practitioners find themselves working with clients whose conditions have developed gradually over many years, and patterns of dysfunctional muscle recruitment and posture have become entrenched over time. In these cases, Bowtech practitioners often need to take a more 'whole-body' approach to facilitate optimal alignment and recovery.

Rather than focusing on a single complaint, the Bowen Technique addresses the entire body, by restoring balance via the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS controls over 80% of bodily functions and is very susceptible to external stressors. Most people today live in a constant state of high stress and sympathetic ANS over-stimulation (fight, flight or freeze mode). Healing can occur only after the ANS shifts from sympathetic to parasympathetic dominance (rest, relax and repair mode).


Bowen Technique enables that shift. During a session, the client often drops into deep relaxation or falls asleep, and loud peristalsis may be heard. Both of these changes are indications of a profound release from stress and a shift towards parasympathetic influence. This shift could explain, in part, the common observation that a Bowen Technique session seems to reactivate the recovery process in situations where healing from trauma, sickness or surgery has stalled or reached a plateau.


In contrast to other hands-on modalities, where the practitioner imposes correction on the client through manipulation, Bowen Technique facilitates the body in healing itself, with minimal intervention. Because of the subtle nature of the Bowen Technique, and the body's continuing response to it over several days thereafter, other forms of manipulative therapy are discouraged for up to five days after a session, as they may interfere with the efficacy of the work.

Will Bowenwork Help Me?

Bowenwork promotes healing throughout the entire body

Bowenwork® is appropriate for everyone:  newborns, highly trained athletes, pregnant women and the elderly. Conditions that are seen to respond well to Bowenwork® include...

 Hear It From The Mouth Of Actual Patients

"Over the years I have had several episodes of back pain that significantly affected my ability to move and function. The last one was so severe that I was not able to stand up and walk for more than a few steps for over 3 months. I went to conventional medical doctors but found nothing that was of any help.


A friend from church recommended that I try Bowenwork Therapy and gave me Annie’s contact information. When I first started seeing Annie for treatment I started by hobbling into the office and collapsing on her therapy table.


Each session brought significant relief and over time I started to make a slow recovery. Annie worked patiently to help me understand what was wrong and how she was working to correct problem areas in my body. Annie also helped arrange for a special session with a therapy specialist in Seattle and another therapist that uses Yamuna Ball therapy to address the physiological problems I had.


Annie was instrumental in helping me overcome chronic, constant back pain, avoid back surgery, get back to work, and enjoy an active pain-free life doing the things I love and enjoy. While it took some time, it was well worth it. I’ve recommended Annie to friends and family and I highly recommend her to you."


"I am so incredibly grateful for Annie and her intuitive touch and her genuine compassion. 

I had a bad fall in December where I completely was unable to move due to my body's response to the fall. 

Rolling over in bed, breathing, getting up, sitting down, everything just absolutely hurt. 

Annie was so kind and made her way to me because of my immobility. (SUCH A SAINT!)


I understood some of her work, but not all of it. 

But I knew her and her intentions were true. 

I put my full trust into her, and that was the best decision I made. 


Prior to Annie coming to me, I received chiropractic adjustments and some massage care, they were helpful, but I still was in a lot of pain and my range of motion had little to no improvement because I was that locked up. 

Part of me was hesitant to believe that Bowen would cause much more progress than the other care I had received, but again, I trusted Annie that much more. She guided me into tuning in to my body and was tentative to my history and to my current state of physical being. 

By the end of it all I was honestly sleepy. I had lost a lot of sleep because of the pain I was in at night just laying in bed and trying to find a comfortable position, so being sleepy was a good feeling for me. Then low and behold, she asked me to sit up and I did!   My entire right side of my lower body had been completely locked up, but with Annie's work I was finally able to sit up unassisted, and I was able to breathe without extra pain!


I am beyond words with how grateful I am with Annie's care. 


If you have never tried Bowen therapy, please give it the chance it deserves. Better yet, see Annie because she truly is in your corner doing her part to help you." 

    Jazmin L., LMT

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