Restoring Balance to the Body

Annette Maier RN, LMT, Bowenwork Practitioner

  RN00094265, MA60981870

American Bowenwork Academy, ABMP



"For me Bowen has given me access to controlling pain in a way that 4 years ago I didn't think possible.  After each session with Annie, my discomfort significantly decreases and within a few days my body feels as strong and youthful as ever.  The depth of relaxation while I am on the table is often deeper than a night's sleep. I cannot say enough good things about my experience of Bowen with Annie.  I leave each session feeling  deeply nourished and well cared for." 



Bowenwork Integrative Health uses a holistic mind/body approach called Tensegrity MedicineTM  to address  pain and postural imbalance while using a variety of techniques. 


Bowenwork, Ligament Stimulation and McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release each use gentle touch, that efficiently communicates with the brain, muscle, and fascial systems to create more room to move with greater ease, increased range of motion and decreased pain.


Tensegrity is an engineering term referring to how tension and compression give integrity to a structure. Biotensegrity applies this concept to the body, giving us understanding regarding how imbalance in one area can create change or pain in another. These imbalances can be created by injury, trauma, and patterns of overuse. Our bodies compensate for the impact of these events to enable us to overcome and press on. Compensation may eventually become dysfunction and dysfunction contributes to pain. Tensegrity Medicine is a holistic mind/body approach  to pain and postural imbalance that also recognizes the importance that healthy lifestyle habits such as: diet, sleep, exercise and positive mental habits play in supporting healing and promoting well-being.

Bowenwork is a light touch, manual therapy that signals brain and body to restore normal tension in muscle and fascia. Precise gentle "moves" are made over muscle or tendon, followed by a brief pause allowing for integration. Deep relaxation is often experienced as the client shifts into a parasympathetic or rest and digest response. Bowenwork is often helpful for people who have "tried everything" without success.

Ligament Stimulation uses ligaments to affect the muscle and fascia and is capable of producing immediate results in alignment and function.

McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release is well known in Europe, but quickly gaining attention here in the US. In just one or two sessions, clients often see observable changes in scar tissue, increased range of motion, and decreased pain. It is effective in both new and old scars.

Bowenwork Integrative Health exists to provide holistic, patient-centered care that promotes the body’s natural capacity to heal by addressing the whole individual with respect and integrity. Our techniques restore function, reduce pain and renew resilience, helping you get back to the life you want to live.

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