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Private Bowenwork Sessions

What can I expect during a session?

Bowenwork is typically done over clothing while lying on a massage table. The beauty of Bowen is it can be done while seated or even standing if need be. Wear comfortable clothing to allow maximum movement.

The flow of the session is geared uniquely to the needs of the client. Beginning with a structural functional evaluation which allows us to find the area of greatest myofascial restriction  - often the cause of clients' pain. The picture at the far right helps demonstrates the effect that tension places on the body.

Bowenwork is used, with pauses, allowing the body time to integrate the stimulus of the move. During this time clients often note a deep sense of relaxation and calm. 

Re-testing allows us to evaluate the effectiveness of our work. Reinforcement of newly gained movement is encouraged through suggested activities.

We also explore lifestyle factors that contribute to overall well-being, e.g. sleep, diet, exercise, stress level, ergonomics, etc.

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