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Community Bowen Sessions

Offered twice monthly, the community setting is focused on the delivery of Bowenwork in a calm, quiet setting where two to three clients are treated simultaneously. Bowen sessions involve a series of "moves" followed by a pause which allows the body time to integrate the stimulus into the neuromyofascial systems.

The pauses make Bowen an ideal therapy for addressing multiple clients in one setting,  benefiting  the client by giving them a significant discount in cost.

The community session is a great opportunity to trial Bowenwork.  It may also provide more access to sessions for those who are under insured.

Wheelchair access is available.

  •  45 min session

  •  $35-$50/session, client chooses fee.

  • Cash only. We will  gladly supply you with a statement of services, please advise us at the beginning of your session.

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