Breast Health

Empowering women to care for themselves

My motivation for taking the Introduction to Breast Care and Breast Massage was to meet Washington states requirement for Licensed Massage Therapists who wish to provide service that includes breast tissue.  This was important  because I address scar tissue using McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release. As I went through the class, I recognized as a health care provider, that this was a great opportunity to introduce my clients to these helpful tools and help women care for themselves.

 As I consider the numerous types of cosmetic surgeries performed for women, breast augmentation was very common and a potential site of restriction affecting movement in the body. A PubMed article states that "Current estimates of the number of women in North America with breast implants range from one to two million, representing 1% of the adult female population (13). Procedural statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that more than 300,000 breast augmentations were performed in 2008." (1)Clearly there are many women who may be living with restrictions from these scars who would benefit from scar tissue release. 

Also, I feel it is important to encourage  women to monitor their breasts regularly.  They will become familiar with changes in their breast tissue at various times of their hormonal cycle. If they notice a new lump or bump or change in texture,  they will have a larger frame of reference about what their normal breast tissue feels like.  Knowing your baseline is so important. If you need to see your doctor, you are equipped with more details, that will help them serve you well. 

Bowenwork Integrative Health offers:

       Introduction to the PHAST protocol for daily movement of the breasts that encourage lymph flow and relaxation.

       Guided Practice of MammoCare Self Exam

       Lymphatic support for Breast Tissue 

       McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release for breast augmentation or reduction.

(1)Breast augmentation: A geographical comparison

Janae L Maher, MD,1 Della C Bennett, MD,2 Laura L Bennett, MD,3 Peter Grothaus, MD,3 and Raman C Mahabir, MD1